handcrafted in italy

The FW 2023 Collection speaks a magical story: under the light of the full Moon, on the shores of the Cosmic dreamy planet Neptune, the tides surged to the song of an immortal celestial siren. She came out of her abyss, attracting us mortals, with her luminous Piscean appearance and returned to the depths of the unknown, to meet her twin.

The garments are inspired precisely by these enchanting Piscean sirens on the shores of Neptune. Their lightness is evoked by thick ribbed sweaters or wader pants. Their charm is found in mohair embroideries on magical dresses; the shimmer of their scales under the moon is told by the sequin-effect trompe l'oeil “Scuba” print, while the "Cosmo" Gobelin jacquard, developed ad hoc by the brand, is inspired by James Turrell and the cosmic symbols and colors of Neptune.

These talismanic pieces have been created to reveal your authentic feminine energy and bring the positivity, luck and magic of the Dreamy planet Neptune into your life.

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